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Do not be afraid of the difficulties associated with an unexpected move. You just need to contact Trek Movers for help. Well-trained staff has the necessary experience to easily cope with the order of any volume. You will be convinced of integrity, the ability to work quickly by reading numerous positive reviews on the site. There are no such tasks that skilled carriers cannot handle. Local movers in Pomona will help to transport office, goods or personal belongings from CA to any region of the country or vice versa to move to California cheaply, quickly, without possible risks.

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We are a family-owned, full-service moving company. We do not sub-contract any jobs and do not provide brokerage services. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

Booking a convenient time for moving

You can submit an application by sending an SMS or e-mail message by filling out a special form on the website. Indicate the full name and surname, two telephone numbers for emergency connection, place of loading and unloading, the approximate volume and assortment of things for transportation. The administrator will contact you shortly to clarify all important issues. Conversations with him must confirm the reservation by sending a message or writing to the site.

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If circumstances require a change in the loading schedule, inform about this one day before. Changing the loading time will not affect the final cost. There will be no penalties or increase in the amount of payments. Moving company in Pomona CA with understanding refers to temporary difficulties and is always ready to help. Booking a convenient time guarantees the accuracy of accomplishing the task.

Packing and loading

Many customers do not have time to pack themselves. That is why the company’s specialists will ensure that each item entrusted to them is packed and delivered without damage. The moving company provides an unlimited amount of free stretch film, packing tape and cardboard boxes. After checking the operability household appliances are packed in boxes protecting fragile equipment from mechanical loads in transit.

Clothes are hung in a special cabinet standing in the back. This preserves the attractiveness of the appearance and makes it possible to use the usual wardrobe immediately after arriving at the place. The furniture is wrapped with a protective film that protects the polish intact from scratches. All items of furniture are placed at the sides of the truck and fastened to them with special slings – this will not allow the furniture to move during sharp braking or turning. Having completed loading, the owner receives a notification and can transfer the first half regulated by the bill of lading amount.

Unforeseen circumstances on the way

Moving services in Pomona strictly follows bill of lading. The customer will not need to make hidden or additional payments. The main thing is to draw up an insurance policy on his property – the carrier takes care of the rest. In case of any surprises on the way, truck breakdown, accident, the customer does not need to allocate additional funds. The provision of a new car, overloading, overtime, liability insurance are carried out by the dispatcher at his own expense.

Unloading final settlement

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The movement of the customer’s belongings is tracked using a special mobile application. The customer always knows where exactly in a given period of time his things are. 30-40 minutes before arrival at the destination the customer is sent an SMS or e-mail message so that he prepares for the meeting. When unloading, all things are raised for free to the desired floor and the furniture is placed in its place. Household appliances checked. Just making sure that everything is in order the customer makes a full payment under the bill of lading. If he uses the cash, he receives a five percent discount since you do not need to use banking services to maintain the card.

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