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The unexpected relocation of a family or office creates a significant dissonance in everyday life. For many this is a serious test that can lead to depression or a nervous breakdown. Starting to pack things, people gradually become desperate when faced with a heap of various problems. The best way to deal with the problem is to ask professionals for support. TrekMovers can easily transport any amount of cargo, personal items, furniture, office equipment. The movers know their job thoroughly. They reliably pack fragile items, computers, televisions, refrigerators before loading and after delivery they will be sure to check. Real experts in their field will remove from the customer’s shoulders all the problems associated with moving.

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We are a full-service family-owned moving company. We are not a broker. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

How to book an order from movers in Mission Viejo

There is convenient, simple application form for the transportation of any amount of cargo. Moving company in Mission Viejo will instantly respond to SMS or e-mail messages. When filling out the order form on the site, do not forget to indicate the place and time of loading and unloading. Exactly, correctly spell the name, surname. Be sure to leave two phone numbers on which you can support round-the-clock communication. If you change the time, terms of loading, call the dispatcher so that you should not drive a truck in vain. A trailer and two loaders will be waiting for you at the appointed place at indicated time.

No fines or surcharges for an unexpected change in loading schedule. The concluded Bill of Lading will remain unchanged until the completion of work and full settlement. The moving company provides an unlimited amount of packaging material, boxes for packing things for free. The carrier itself insures civil liability, performs overtime payment. The company always strictly complies with its obligations. It provides fast, safe transportation of any volumes of things from one city of CA to another.

Packing and loading

Strictly at the appointed time local movers in Mission Viejo will arrive at indicated place. The customer does not have to stock up on stretch tape, scotch tape, boxes, packing material, as they are provided free of charge. Each instance of household appliances is checked and carefully packed in a box. The clothes are transported in special cabinets on hangers, thanks to this, having arrived at the place, it is ready to wear.

The surface of the furniture facades is tightly covered with a film, thus preventing possible scratches and other damage. When loading into a trailer, the furniture is tightly fastened to the sides with special slings so that it remains stationary during a sharp turn or braking. Household or office equipment must be checked during packaging and unloading. While packing is in progress, the owners can load things in a newer place or work. Having completed the preparation, a message is sent to the owner by SMS or e-mail so that he transfers the first half of the amount agreed upon in the Bill of Lading.

Travel contingency insurance

Movers of Mission Viejo CA will relieve the problems associated with the move, keep the customer’s peace of mind. The customer chooses the type and amount of insurance. The remaining associated costs will be hold by the carrier. The problems encountered during the movement of goods are also solved by the carrier. The customer does not pay more than the agreed amount if the trailer breaks down or if it was necessary to reload things from one truck to another. The company assumes all additional costs and risks.

Unloading, calculation

In 30-40 minutes before arrival at the indicated place the customer will be sent an SMS or e-mail message. Moving companies of Mission Viejo CA will remove all the hassle associated with moving. Things are carried up to the indicated floor, unpacked, equipment is checked, furniture is arranged. Full settlement is made only after the completion of work. When paying by cash, the cost of services is reduced by five percent. When placing an order, use the special coupons available on the site to minimize costs.

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