How to Pack Clothes for Moving

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By Serg Crete / 09.09.2021

There is certainly a best way to pack clothes when moving, do you want to know what it is? Then you are at the right place. In this guide we will share everything related to packing your clothes when you are moving. Your clothes are your cherished possessions and they don’t need to get ruined when you intend to move. Follow this guide and you will know everything that you need to know regarding packing clothes and moving with them

Things to Do Before Packing The Clothes

Before you start packing your clothes haphazardly, there are some important things that you need to do in order to make your packing process smooth and friction free. What are these moving hacks for clothes ? Here are the complete detail

  1. Organize
    Before you can start packing your stuff, the first and the most important thing that you need to do is to organize your dresses. You need to sort your clothes in an orderly manner and make sure that you have a clear view of everything that you own.
  2. Pack What is Necessary
    Leave clothes that you won’t be needing in the future. Let’s say you are moving to a warmer state like California from a colder state like New Jersey, you won’t be needing your heavier jackets so you should leave them. You can either give them to a friend of yours or you can donate them to a local shelter. There is no need to carry extra weight.
  3. Store Clothes that Have Sentimental Value
    If you have some sentimental clothes such as clothes from your high school graduation or the clothes belonging to your deceased parents or grandparents, you should absolutely keep them and take them to your newer home.
  4. Wash Clothes that You Intend To Move
    Prior to packing everything you should wash them as thoroughly as possible. If you pack unclean clothes with clean ones, all of your wardrobe boxes will start smelling bad and it will create a big mess. After washing, thoroughly dry your clothes because damp clothes will cause another mess and leave a bad stink.
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Packing Method

Once you are clear about what to keep and what to leave and you have washed and dried all your clothes, the next step involves packing your clothes. There are some important necessary closet moving supplies that you need to have. Here are the things that you need

  1. Cardboard Boxes
    You will need cardboard boxes to pack folded clothes. They are easy to find and just about every convenience store will be carrying some. Collect some cardboard boxes to pack your clothes efficiently.
  2. Wardrobe Boxes
    How to pack hanging clothes for moving? The answer is wardrobe boxes. If you have clothes on a hanger and they wrinkle easily, you can use wardrobe boxes. You can easily find them online.
  3. Suitcases
    To pack folded clothes, suitcases are an excellent way. If you already own some suitcases, it is highly recommended that you use them during your moving process
  4. Duffel Bags
    Who doesn’t have duffel bags at home? They are a great way to pack clothes and shoes. For duffel bag packing, make sure to fold the clothes.
  5. Compressed or Vacuum Bags
    You can use vacuum bags to condense the contents and adjust them in a smaller place. These are also great to protect your clothes from environmental elements.

Sorting Through Your Clothes

Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies and devised a plan to pack your clothes, it;s now time for you to sort all your clothes for packing. The first thing that you need to do is to sort closet items into different categories to be as organized as possible. You can employ one of the following methods to sort through your clothes.

Sort by Season – You can pack your clothes according to the season. You can have separate boxes for summer clothes and a separate box for winter clothes. Doing so will make it easy for you and you won’t have to unpack everything on your arrival. Just take out the clothes for the current season and let the others stay in their boxes.

Sort by material – Sorting your clothes by their material is also an excellent choice. For example, you can sort all cotton items separately, linen items in another box and silk items in a third box. Doing so will make laundry a lot easier in the future.

Sort by Pieces– Try to sort your closet into pieces. This means packing shirts with shirts, pants with pants, and coats with coats. Doing so will make your unpacking process a lot more efficient and easy.

Sort by Person– This is another great way to sort your closet for packing. You can assign boxes to each person in your house and pack their stuff in each bag. Doing so will divide the load and each person can pack the stuff that they think is important.

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Basic Moving Tips

Here are some basic moving hacks that will make your moving process much easier and take a lot of stress out of the system.

  1. Calculate the number of boxes that you will be needing before you purchase them. Make a rough estimate of clothes in all your home closets and then go out and make purchases. Having a few extra boxes is no problem but you don’t want to make multiple trips just to buy more boxes
  2. Don’t overstuff your boxes. If you pack your boxes more than their capacity, you risk them getting damaged and they might not be able to hold the stuff safely.
  3. Only take items that are absolutely necessary. It is important that you only carry things that are important and valuable. The more stuff you will carry the more it will cost you and the more hectic the process will become.
  4. Clean clothes before and after moving. Make sure that you clean all the clothes before you pack them in the boxes but once you have arrived at your new destination, make sure to clean them again.
  5. Label all the boxes carefully. You can either use a label maker or simply use a marker to mark all the boxes. This is important to do if you want to keep proper track of everything

So these were some basic tips that we wanted to share with you to make your moving process easier. Make sure you follow them to make your moving process easier and smooth

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