When is The Best Time to Move?

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By Serg Crete / 09.08.2021

Congratulations! You have made the bold decision to move to California. You will have a wonderful experience. California has a lot to offer and it will really help you see the world in a really new way. Now you might be wondering about the details of your moving. Questions like, when is the best time to move, what is the best month to move, what is the best season to move will be coming in your head. Moving in a stressful event and without proper information you might get lost in the details. So let’s make this process easier for you by breaking down the details of your moving process to California.

Best Season to Move: It Depends

When it comes to the best season to move, the choice is ultimately yours. It entirely depends on your preferences, budget and needs. If you intend to save money on your move, you should consider moving in early spring, winter or late fall. If you have school going children, the best time for you to move is Summer.

Here are some highlights of moving in each season:

Moving in summer

Summer – This is the ideal time for selling your house since the demand is highest at this point. If you have school going children, the are expected to start school in the late summer or early fall season so you should move in the summer season

Is it good to move in the fall?

Fall – Fall offers great weather which means you can move with ease plus the demand for housing is usually low in the fall season so you should be able to land a good deal as well.

Move in the spring

Spring – Demand is still high in Spring season but the weather is not quite harsh so moving is easy in spring season.

Moving during the winter

Winter – This is the cheapest time to move since the demand is at its lowest. Moving companies would be able to offer flexible schedules in winter as well. If you have children, winter might not be the best season to move.

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Best Months to Move: Mid-September To April

What is the best month to move? If by “best” you mean cost effective then moving from mid-september to April is considered the most cost effective option. During this timeframe the demand for moving slows down and rates are lower. According to top moving professionals, peak moving season lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day and around 70 percent of all moves occur during this timeframe.

If you don’t have any school going children or you don’t go to College yourself, you should absolutely consider this timeframe for your move to California. During this time, you will be able to land better deals and find cheaper housing.

Best Week of the Month to Move: Mid-month

Instead of moving at the end or the beginning of each month, you should consider moving in the mid of the month. This is usually the time when the demand is at its lowest and therefore you would be able to score a good deal. The end and beginning of the month is going to be too busy because it is the time when the new leases start therefore there is a lot of moving going on. If your schedule allows, you should absolutely consider moving in the middle of each month.

Best Day of the Week to Move: Weekdays (Monday through Thursday)

Choosing any day between Monday and Thursday makes sense because weekends are the time when you see a lot of traffic and therefore it would be more hectic and expensive to move on the weekends. If you have a flexible schedule consider moving during Weekdays. Another great benefit of moving on weekdays is having a complete weekend for settling down and unpacking. This will allow you to get ready for the upcoming week.

Best Time of Day to Move: Early AM

Moving in the afternoon and night means you have to deal with higher traffic which in turn means you have to suffer with delays. If you are moving in the summers, moving in the early morning means you will have relatively cooler weather and you will be able to manage all your exhaustive affairs in a much more efficient manner. If you are moving all by yourself, it is advisable to move in the morning since you are fresh and have more energy to spare.

Some Other Important Considerations

Here are some other factors that you shouldn’t neglect when you are deciding to move:

Weather Conditions – Try to pick a day when the weather is fair and pleasant. Moving on a rainy or snowy day will cause a lot of added issues that can be easily avoided. Similarly, moving in the peak heat season is also not recommended since there is a chance of getting affected by heat stroke. Check your local forecast to find out a day when the weather is pleasant and stable.

Work – If you are a working individual, it is well worth to spend some extra bucks to move on the weekends since it is not advisable to take a day off just for moving

Family Factors – Do you have school going children? If so, it makes much more sense to move during the summer season since you will be able to settle down well before your kids start school.

Of course, not everyone has the flexibility to choose the day and time of their liking since there are so many other important things to consider. The “best” time for you to move is when it suits you and your family. Everything depends on your budget, weather, location, work flexibility and family matters. If you have all the details managed, you are on the right track and you will have a smooth moving experience.

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