How to Pack Moving Truck

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By Serg Crete / 09.07.2021

Moving houses is a very important project that will perform at certain times when we are moving over to a new house. While there are lots of things to be considered during moving, knowing how to pack moving truck is important. Many people do not know how to pack a moving truck. Since moving is not something that most people do all the time, you need to get a better knowledge to do this when the need finally arises. Rather than get movers to pack a truck, you can easily do this yourself if you pay attention to important things outlined in this article. The following steps help you know how to pack a truck for moving.

5 easy steps on how to pack moving truck

First step: Get your fragile items in the mom’s attic

Many trucks have a component known as the mom’s attic. This is a small section in the truck that projects over the cab of the truck. It resembles a shelf. The mom attic is usually distinct from the cargo bay. The mom’s attic has been designed to handle fragile and small items that can break when kept between furnishings and other bigger items. It is possible that you will not find the mom’s attic in all moving trucks. But when you find it, this is the best place to keep your small electronics, glassware, and dishes.

Second step: Heavy appliances should be loaded towards the front section

The right weight distribution is ideal for you to pack your items securely and drive safely. Ensure that you do not take bulky items towards the far side of the rear of the truck. This could affect the control of the truck during high speed. If you know how to pack a moving truck, you will know that you need to distribute the weight around the front wheels. This helps to ensure safer rides. Expert who knows how to pack a truck for moving will usually advise that the heaviest items should be loaded towards the front side of your cargo area very close to the cab.
At this point, you need to begin with your heaviest items. You do not need movers to pack a truck, you can do this easily by yourself. You can begin with the washer, the dryer, the oven, the fridge, the freezer, and cooking equipment. Ensure that you carefully line up these rectangular objects against the front wall of the cab of the truck. For your extra security, you must make use of ratchet straps and ropes to get the appliances fastened to the rails which run along the walls of your truck. To help you guard against damage, you will need to wrap the items up by using furniture pads.

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The third step: Load up the furniture

Soon after all your heavy appliances have been neatly assembled in the truck, you can begin to load in the tables, the bed, the mattresses, the chairs, the bookshelves, and the sectionals. Remember to load in the heaviest items to be placed very close to the truck’s cab. Therefore, try to load in the heaviest furniture first. It is also recommended that you disassemble the furniture. Many items can be made to be compact when they have been properly disassembled.

During the packing phase, always try to ensure that the weights of your items are distributed evenly between both left/right sides of the truck. Ensure that when you put something heavy on the left side, you should put something of an equal amount of weight on the right side. This is used to counter the weight on the left side. Acting as a counterbalance, this helps to prevent the truck from tapering to one side as moves your items from point A to B.

There are moving professionals that pack items like bed frames, box springs, and sofas in the upright direction. However, this can be done in the horizontal direction to help save some floor space for additional items. It is also important that all of these items get secured properly. this will stop them from falling off the truck and smashing off the belongings.

Fourth step: Stack up boxes to fit carefully

Soon as you safely load out all your biggest items, this is the right time to begin filling out the truck with your boxes. Similar to every other thing that has been loaded, fill up your boxes with things like cookware and books. You will need to keep them close to your truck’s cab. It is also important that you avoid stacking up heavy boxes on your furniture. Ensure that the heaviest boxes are kept on the floor. These can be kept further down your cargo area, but they should be kept down on the floor. In addition to the heavy boxes and furniture, it is important to pack up these boxes with décor, clothes, bedding, toys, and other household items that are light in weight.

Without blocking out the roll-up shutter of the truck, you can stack boxes very close to get to the ceiling. You can then tie up some ropes between your rails around the walls. This will help form a net to easily fasten them in place while your items are being transported to your new location.

Always try to fill out your moving truck
Ensure that you do not leave out any space between any furniture items. Ensure that fill these in by using boxes that will not break when burdened with pressure. When you tightly pack up the truck, it will help you conserve space. This will also help ensure that packed items are not left flying from side to side as the truck moves to your new home location.

Fifth step: Put unstackable items towards the rear side of the truck

Soon as you stack up all your stackable and heavy stuff inside the truck, this is the right time to load up all your unique and special items that barely fit in other places. You could neatly place items such as treadmills, bikes, lawnmowers, and so on, towards the rear side of your truck. Items that come in wide and weird shapes and sizes can be neatly placed towards the end of your truck to ensure that evenly balance out the load on the truck.

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