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By Serge Crete / 10.28.2021

Are you moving to a new place? Did you start packing all your belongings? Are you aware of what all items are allowed and what all are prohibited when moving your entire base to a new location?

Well, worry not! We are here to help you. We are a leading moving company, located in California, always ready to help our clients to easily and safely relocate or move to a place.

Before you get started with the packing and boxing of your belongings you should be aware of allowable and non-allowable items. We as professional movers are well aware of it and make sure that our clients do not get in any kind of trouble. So, if you are done with your diligent planning, let us help you execute it. We will make your packing and boxing a lot easier by making you aware of all the items that are prohibited or restricted.

You can find all these restricted items in your household when cleaning for supplies before moving. However, you may not know exactly what the prohibited items are. That’s why we have put together a list of items that are restricted making your packing and moving hassle-free.

Here’s all you need to know before the professional movers arrive with their moving truck

Hazardous Materials and Chemicals

Hazardous materials and chemicals exceptionally contain flammable, explosive corrosive substances.   They are prohibited to be packed with your other belongings as they are dangerous for transportation and can endanger the lives of people involved in handling and moving them. To avoid trouble you should dispose of such materials safely before your movers arrive at your place to pick your belongings.

Here is the list of hazardous materials and chemicals prohibited to move around:

●      Flammable liquids and solids

●      Matchboxes and kerosene

●      Gasoline, paints, and paint thinner

●      Nail paint remover and nail paints

●      Any kind of explosives including fireworks compressed gases

●      Car batteries, household batteries, electric bulbs

●      Fire extinguishers

●      Alcohol and alcohol-based products

●      Chemical fertilizers, pesticides

●      Bleaching agents

●      Chemicals used in dark rooms.

Perishable Products

Perishable products are those which do not have a shelf life of more than 24 to 48 hours and act as a medium for attracting rats and pests. These generally include food items. 

Generally, you shouldn’t pack perishable stuff if you are moving a long distance. However, if your moving of perishable product is scheduled to be delivered within 24 hours, the moving company may allow you to transport perishable products. The list of products included under perishable products are:

●      Plants

●      Frozen and refrigerated foodstuff

●      Open containers of foodstuffs

●      Produce

●      Food items that are not preserved properly

 Prohibited and Restricted Items

Prohibited items are the items that are strictly forbidden by the law and are not to be moved while restricted items are those that can be moved only with special permission or license by a federal agency before moving. Here is the list of prohibited and restricted items:

Prohibited Items

●      Arms and ammunitions including gun powder

●      Flammable and explosive items

●      Wax candles

●      CNG cylinders

●      Gaseous and oil products

●      Corrosive chemicals

●      Illegal items

●      Live plants and animals

Restricted Items

●      Unloaded firearms

●      Empty Gasoline tanks, or any other fuel storage

●      Alcohol and alcoholic beverages

●      Batteries used to power personal devices

●      Cordless power tools

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