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By Serg Crete / 09.04.2021

Tips for moving with plants

AIt is well known, a house plant is a living, breathing organism and requires special care. When moving, you may need to do a little more prep work to ensure your plants arrive safely. In this article, we will learn how to transport plants to your new home.

How to pack plants for moving
It is not a good idea to ship your plants in a moving truck because of the lack of airflow and inability to secure a big plant in a moving truck.

What you may need to pack your plants

  • A moving box for each pot ( try to get that type of box, so the plant does not move around inside)
  • Replace clay/ceramic pots with plastic ones during transit
  • Use packing paper, newspaper, or bubble Wrap

Getting ready phase

  • Replant your friend into a plastic container.
    You can do this a few weeks before the move. If you use fresh, sterile soil, your plant will have a chance to settle.
  • Pack empty clay/ceramic pots the same way you pack your fragile items (using Bubble Wrap and placed safely in a moving box).
  • Water your plants 2-3 days before moving since the soil should be moist but not wet. Most plants can stay around a week without water. The moving can be stressful not only for you but for your plants as well. Let’s avoid causing more stress thirsting your plants.
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Packing plants for moving

Good packing skills will ensure your plants arrive healthy and unbroken. You can transport your plants in two ways: taking the whole plant or just cutting. But one way or another, make sure to pack your plants last and unpack them first. That golden rule will help your friends stay healthy.

Potted plants, how do you pack that?

  1. Place a proper-sized plastic bag over the pot, then tie it at the base to keep the soil controlled.
  2. Use tape to tape the bottom of the box, so the package will not fold while carrying it. Now you can place the plant inside.
  3. Time to use packing paper or newspaper. Use those to fill in extra space to secure your plant. Make sure it can also breathe.
  4. Poke with a knife or scissors a few holes on each side of the box to let the air flow reach your plant.
  5. Labeling the box “Fragile” or “Plant.”

If you are traveling with a cutting plant

If your plant is too big to be moved, for example, bushes or shrubbery, you can take a cutting (it can be a stem or roots – that will allow the plant to regrow)

How to makes it easy to a new home?

  1. In the morning, prepare a sharp knife, paper towel, and water. Select healthy growth of the plant you want to take with you – 3-6 inches long growth and cut it carefully with a sharp cut.
  2. After that, wrap the “baby plant” in a wet paper towel.
  3. Make sure to secure the paper towels with rubber bands or ties. You can keep the cutting in a plastic stem holder or plastic bag. Check on local florists for the plastic stem holder ( like what a bouquet comes in) cheaper than you think.
  4. Spray some water on a paper towel to keep the plant hydrated.
  5. If you need to pack the cutting, the best idea is to plant it in a plastic pot, don’t forget to remove lower leaves before placing the cutting in fresh and moist soil. According to our advisory above, wrap it loosely with shrinkwrap or a plastic bag to keep it humid before placing the potted cutting in a box.
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The most secure way to move your plants is to transport them in the car with you.

Taking plants with you usually lets you provide care during the trip.
Keep your plants in the cabin of the car so the plant can breathe. Do not trap your plant in the dark trunk.
When you are relocating from one city to another – Long Distance moves, you may consider stopping at a hotel on your way to your new home, bring your plant inside so it is not affected by extreme temperatures.

TrekMovers wish you safe relocations to you and your potted friends.

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