Checklist for moving

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By Serge Crete / 09.05.2021

Most people think that moving is a stressful event. But when you find the right moving company, your move will never be stressful. Our professional Trek Movers have given lots of families like yours their best stress-free moving experience.
Please print out this checklist and follow it. Here you can find moving tips, tricks, and more.
Unfortunately, we can’t promise it will take all the relocation stress away. However, it may help whether you are moving down the street or out of state.

8-6 weeks before the move

✓ Sort your belongings. It may help you to understand what is coming, staying, will be donated or disposed of;
✓ Check for moving companies, read reviews, and make several calls. Make sure a moving company you are hiring is licensed and insured;
✓ Create a moving quote(s) to compare what company offers a better deal, considering reusable/non-reusable materials they provide, arrival window, and others.

6-4 weeks before the move

✓ Manage your travel arrangements (boarding tickets in case you plan to relocate to another city or state by plane or train);
✓ Let the moving company know how many boxes you have;
✓ Research if your bank has a branch near youк new home;
✓ In case you are moving out of state – Ask for doctor and insurance referrals.

4- 2 weeks before the move

✓ Schedule your current utilities to be disconnected and the new utility services to be connected;
✓ Arrange official “No Parking” signs from the city (to ensure a closely parking spot is available for the moving truck and save costs).
✓ Official information regarding temporary ‘No Parking’ signs:
✓ Santa Clara County can be obtained via San Jose DOT at (408) 535-3850, [email protected].
✓ Los Angeles DOT at (213) 485-2298 between 6 am – 1 pm, Monday to Friday.
✓ Get moving insurance;
✓ Ensure to change your address with the U.S. Postal Service, all online accounts, and all billing companies.

Two weeks before the move

✓ In case you are moving out of state – Prepare vehicle registration;
✓ Research your route for the move;
✓ Organize someone is taking care of your pet(s) on the day of the move;
✓ Make sure your family and friends know you are relocating!

One week before the move

✓ Make sure to cancel or redirect any scheduled deliveries;
✓ Check all your secret drawers, make sure nothing is forsaken;
✓ Cleaning! Do not leave a mess for the new homeowner or the landlord;
✓ Utilities! Ensure they have been shut off and turned on in your new place;
✓ Get the keys to your new location;
✓ Withdraw some cash! You may need it for the journey or to pay to the movers;
✓ Confirm details with the moving company you hired. Double-check the arrival window and details.

What should you keep with you on my moving day?

✓ Cell phone charger
✓ Laptop and charger
✓ Medication A
✓ change of clothes
✓ Toiletries
✓ Jewelry
✓ Paper towels
✓ Toilet paper
✓ Trash bags
✓ Snacks and water
✓ Tape measure
✓ Any irreplaceable items

Moving day

✓ Utilities! Make sure they have been shut off in your old address and turned on in a new one;
✓ A walk-through. Check your old place and get the keys to your new home;
✓ Withdraw some cash for the journey;
✓ Confirm details with your moving company arrival window for pick-up ( if relocating to another city/state, check delivery time);
✓ Check with foreman how long the move may take;
✓ Just in case! Have an emergency contact on call.

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Post Move

✓ Make your bed first, then arrange a shower curtain up;
✓ Order new checks;
✓ Update your license;
✓ Unpack your boxes in the first few days.