Advisory on how to pack dishes

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By Serge Crete / 09.04.2021

How to pack dishes for moving?

Packing fragile items is not difficult, but it may take some of your time. The repeating process for every piece can get boring and annoying. However, packing delicate items requires your time, so all the things are safe and secured in a box.

Here you can find a few steps of packing dishes.

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Packing materials for dishes is a key to safety

The very first and significant step in case you want to relocate your fragile belongings safely is to prepare packing materials.
Here is the rule: “The more packing materials you get, the better.”

What you may need:

  • Dish boxes, or you may use regular small and medium.
  • Packing paper or newspaper ( but be careful, the ink may print onto your dishes)
  • Bubble wrap
  • The tape
  • Pen

Tip: When all the packing is ready, fold the paper and fill in the box to prevent movements in the box.

How can you pack dishes?

  • The boxes. Since these boxes will be heavy and carrying fragile items, you should use a few layers of packing tape (that will secure the bottom of each box). Make sure to secure the seams as well. The next step is to pad a layer of bubble wrap or packing paper. The weight recommendation for a box is up to 40 pounds or less.
  • The Wrapping. The wrapping dishes is easy. Place your plate/dish in the center of a paper, then pull up the corners to the middle, covering the plate/dish completely.
  • Make four as one. Pick four similar packed items and wrap them together, then tape them again.
  • Make sure to place heavier plates/dishes on the bottom, the more fragile place on the top. Check an extra space in the box and fill it with crumpled newspapers, kitchen linens, or packing paper. Gently shake the box, and if you feel that the contents shift inside – add more filler.
  • Taping and labeling boxes. Use the tape to lock the top, then label the box as “Fragile” or “Dishes.” Don’t forget to mark which way is up so your movers can load it correctly.
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Packing tips

  • Avoid stacking heavy things on top that could crush your delicate box.
  • Place your plates or bowls vertically in the box. The same way you would load them in your dishwasher.
  • Put same-sized bowls together, and nest some packing paper in the top of each bowl for support.
  • Pack your glasses individually. Place paper inside and fold the glass covering the edges. Also, load the glasses upside down in the box to prevent breakage.
  • When packaging mugs and teacups, don’t forget to cover handles well. Wrap each one individually as well.
  • Stemware requires more love and care while packaging. Nest the Bubble Wrap or the kitchen stem as padding. Wrap every item in packing paper, but make sure the wrapping paper or newspaper fills the inside of
  • the glass. You know the rule now: Place stemware upside down in a box, make sure to secure items with crumbled newspaper or wrapping paper.
  • The lids should be removed and wrapped separately. Also, don’t forget to cover the handles. Protect odd-shaped dishes completely with packing paper.

How to pack china

Usually, china is more fragile and expensive than regular dishes, requiring more care when packing. The guidelines above work for china as well. Just use two sheets of newspaper or packing paper when wrapping individual pieces of china. And, of course, use bubble wrap for extra protection when bundling plates and bowls together.

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