Downsizing before move

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By Manager / 06.23.2023

Downsizing before move means removing unneeded items before relocating to a new home. On one hand, that reduces the list of items making your move much easier. On the other hand, decluttering is necessary if you move to a smaller place. Here we mention the most acquired examples.

Begin downsizing before move on time

Begin the downsizing as early as possible. Understanding what exactly you want to keep and what you are ready to leave behind requires some time. To speed up this process, follow some of these pieces of advice:

  • Recall everything you wanted to get rid of. Do it.
  • Whenever you spot something that seems unrequired, make it disappear.
  • All the clothes you were not wearing and thought about donating, the time has come.
  • Every day, do note what else you can contribute, sell, recycle, or throw.
  • Keep mentioning things that are no more in use.
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Such a way, aside from gaining a boost on the downsizing progress, you keep your home free of mess and things you no longer need. Some different organization methods have been popular in recent years, like the KonMari method. No matter what you choose, the purpose is to get a proportional workflow and to end up with the belongings you need. Popular methods include:

  • One-A-Day Method: Get rid of one item per day or number corresponding to the current date.
  • KonMari Method: Group your inventory into categories. So, if there’s no emotional response to a particular item, it’s time to get rid of it.
  • Four-Box Method: Split all items into four categories. Typically: keep, give away, throw and sell. 
  • Closet-Hanger Method: Turn all closet hanger hooks in one direction. Turn the hook to the opposite side whenever you use a cloth, and keep it same direction. In some time you’ll notice how many clothes you no longer wear.

Downsizing should be based on your new place

At your new home, all items will have a new place. Make sure that all your furniture fits your new house. Ask yourself if you need this or that in your new home, and ensure there is enough space to store it. Rearrange all belongings, considering the new place, but you don’t want to overload it. The more you leave behind, the fresher your new beginning will be.

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Determine all factors

Suppose you move to warmer climates. Then you don’t need winter clothing. If you are moving from a house to an apartment, there is no space for a barbecue or patio furniture. Items in need of repair probably should not be moved. Consider not just if things fit in your new home but if they would do in your new lifestyle. Moving is a chance to reset. Take advantage of that.

Finally, the remaining belongings

You have the choice to keep, donate, sell, give away, or auction. Hire a company to clean out the whole property. Important decisions are involved, and emotions are on a high level. Always think about the result. The decisions made are about the belongings that move to a new home. This is the only thing that matters. A new start is ahead of you.

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