Dog Boarding and Daycare: All You Need to Know when Boarding Your Pup

Dog Boarding and Daycare: All You Need to Know when Boarding Your Pup dogs walking in park 2021 08 28 23 17 53 utc

By Serg Crete / 06.13.2022

Moving with a dog is nothing but stress. When you move, maintaining a regular schedule with your good boi can be such a challenge, even if you’re a pro at multitasking. To reduce stress for you and the pup (and to make life easier for movers tho), it’s better to keep the dog out of the way. Indeed, you will need someone who would keep an eye on a doggo while you relocate your belongings. Suppose you don’t have that reliable person as a friend who can dogsit your pet on a moving day. In that case, a short-term ‘vacation’ in a boarding kennel can be a win-win solution.

True Things You Must Know About Dog Boarding and Daycare

What is dog boarding? In a nutshell, the boarding facility is a safe and comfortable space where pets can stay overnight being looked after by professional caretakers. Put it another way, we talk about an actual canine resort designed for short-term stays for pets. Dog boarding will give you peace of mind that your beloved pupper is being looked at and cared for 24 hours when you’re relocating. With the best dog boarding services, you don’t worry about how the pet is going. So you can focus on the move (and on the move only).

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How to Choose a Dog Boarding Kennel

You can find plenty of reputable pet boarding kennels in and around LA. But how to pick the best dog boarding facility where your pup will be safer and less stressed as well?

First, visit several kennels to know what a temporary stay will look like for your pet. Feel free to ask for a detailed tour of the selected boarding facility to ensure the environment is really safe and the sleeping areas are comfortable. Don’t forget to ask if the chosen dog boarding service offers sessions where pups can play outdoor games together off-leash. By the way, a good kennel will probably ask you to bring your pup along during the first visit. Wait, but why? It will help staff see if doggo will be comfortable with the environment during the stay.

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What else should you pay attention to when choosing dog boarding? Here’s a brief checklist.

  • Get personal recommendations from other dog owners, vets, or animal shelters (if possible).
  • Check the sleeping areas. Is there good light and ventilation?
  • Ensure that all boarding facility areas look clean.
  • Check the walk and exercise area to ensure it’s safe. 
  • Is the temperature comfortable for your dog?
  • How often are doggos fed?
  • Are any extra services available (such as grooming and personal training if needed)?
  • Don’t hesitate to ask how many caretakers are per animal in their kennel.
  • What’s the current dog boarding cost, and how are rates calculated up there?

Keep in mind the best dog boarding kennels are usually booked up fast. So it’s better to book your pet’s stay way before your moving deadline. 

Dog Boarding Rates in LA

So how much does it cost to board a pet in Los Angeles? Dog boarding costs depend on different factors, such as the size of your pupper and length of stay. The average rates in LA usually range from $30 to $60 per night. Note some kennels may raise the prices during holiday seasons.

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Many kennels charge some extra costs for additional services. For instance, they can offer you grooming, transporting, training, or private lessons for your pet for a surcharge. Some boarding kennels offer the all-inclusive model at a fixed price per night with zero additional costs. For example, you can book a boarding where everything is included at one overnight rate of $100. Some boarding facilities have private accommodations as an option at extra cost. The prices can also depend on the neighborhood.

Dog Boarding in Detail: Let the Pet Stay Safe

First things first. Many boarding kennels in LA prefer to keep pets in their own diet during a stay. It means the first thing you should care about is a food plan. Remember, even an overnight dog boarding stay can be stressful for pups. And any small change in a pet’s diet can cause even more stress. To prevent all those unintended effects (such as diarrhea), bring a pet’s regular food and make sure staff will be feeding your dog with it.

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What Do You Need to Bring: The Checklist

  • Food.
  • Medications and supplements (if necessary).
  • The collar with an ID tag.
  • Latest vaccination records (reliable boarding kennels in LA won’t accept your pet without a complete vaccination course).
  • Emergency contact information.
  • Bed or crate (many kennels have super comfortable sleeping areas and don’t ask owners to bring beds).
  • Pet’s favorite chew toys.
  • Other familiar items from the home to make an overnight stay in the new environment more comfortable (it may be the pup’s favorite blanket or even your old t-shirt).
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How to Transport a Dog to Boarding Kennel

Try to make the transition as comfortable and stress-free as possible for the puppy. Before your doggo goes off to the boarding facility, put a list together of absolutely everything the kennel staff should know about them.  

  • All vet details.
  • Allergies.
  • Feeding routine.
  • Meds and health supplements your dog is on (with all instructions and dosage).
  • Emergency contact information.
  • A note of microchip information.
  • Any behavior issues and how to prevent them.
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Don’t forget about ID information, which must include the pet’s name, your full name, telephone number, address, and a number to the pup’s microchip as well. Make sure that kennel caretakers have an emergency contact number before you say short goodbye to your beloved pupper.

Use a comfortable portable carrier or crate for travel to transport small dogs. If it is the first time, encourage good boi to enter a crate by dropping some favorite food treats. Don’t even try to force a dog to enter if they are afraid of or refuse to do it.

To protect your little friend during the drive, use zipline harnesses or usual seat belts (if it’s possible with your dog). Make time for breaks during the ride. Try to provide doggo with some small familiar items during a trip. And don’t forget it is definitely not a good idea to feed the pet right before you drive to the boarding facility or back home from the kennel.