Do Not Pack When Moving

Do Not Pack When Moving living room with moving boxes A76LH4T 1170x658 1

By Serge Crete / 09.03.2021

Be realistic! First of all, decide what you should keep, replace, and what you can live without.

Bulky Items

Your DVDs and old books can take many boxes or a lot of space while packing. Large electronics, such as unused desktop computers, old TVs, or DVD players – are considered bulky items. Most of the people are donating those or get rid of them in a garage sale.


Take a deep breath and relax! It is so easy to overdo and get stressed when we start packing clothes. Take your time, sort clothes to those you wear regularly and clothes that you never tried due to different factors – donate or sell them. Don’t forget to consider the season or, in general, the weather in the location you are moving to. It may help you to pack what is needed.


Of course, it is essential to keep all the necessary documents with you while moving (family birth certificates, marriage license, financial records, etc.). However, keep in mind, paper is heavy when in volume. Therefore, sometimes it is wiser to sort and scan the less important documents onto your computer.


It may take another few hours or an entire day to sort your bathroom cabinets for out-of-date items. However, those items are not that unimportant, and it is easier to replace. Also, check the life cycle of your medications is reasonable. Finally, dispose of expired medicines in the safest manner possible.

Old Furniture / Old appliances

Furniture and old large appliances are usually bulky and heavy to transport. However, it may be a great idea to move to a new home as a new chapter, leaving some old furniture behind. Check with Goodwill and Salvation Army at first. They usually accept for free some furniture and other items as long as it is resalable

Garage Junk

Same rule as for bathroom cabinets! There are a lot of useless items in your garage that you never used and will never need. Dispose safely potentially dangerous chemicals.

Household Items

Those are perfect for a garage sale! Make notes of what you use and may need and what still has a new label on it.


Bedding usually takes a lot of space. So you may consider changing your old mattresses and blankets. First of all, it will save room for your moving truck. Secondly, the new bedding always feels nice, especially at your new “nest.”

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