Namie K.

Namie K. Namie K.
From: Sacramento
To: Los Angeles
Wonderful movers! My husband is the one who actually contacted them and worked with them on moving day but he was so pleased by the experience and was raving about how awesome they were that I needed to write this review down. The owner (joe?) was very quick to respond and very straightforward, and the rates were extremely reasonable. On moving day everything went smoothly and the team (led by Dimitri) did an outstanding job. My husband said they were very professional and gentle with everything and even stopped to ask him if it was ok if they spoke to each other in Russian (which of course it was, but it shows how considerate they are to even ask). We had such a good experience that when our friends needed movers the next month, we immediately referred them to Trek movers. Thank you for all the hard work and professionalism from everyone start to finish! :)
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