Erin C.

Erin C. Erin C.
From: Los Angeles
To: Los Angeles
If I could do 10 stars, I would. I picked these movers because I knew we would have to hoist a couch over our 2nd story balcony to get it out, and they had a pic of their movers on yelp doing just that! From the first phone call with Joe, I was even more confidant we would be in great hands. We were scheduled to move into our new condo the day before Thanksgiving, but due to a delay in escrow, we ended up needing to move ON Thanksgiving. No joke, Joe said not only do they move on ThAnksgiving, but there was no premium to do so! Incredible. So 3 super strong guys showed up at 10a on the dot and helped us pack up remaining boxes, disassemble furniture and get our furniture down 2 flights of stairs. They were speedy, safe and efficient! After 7.5 loooong hours, we were finally in our condo. AND the cherry on the cardboard box sundae? The owner called us at the end of the day and said we were the only customers they had that day and we're going to give us a Thanksgiving bonus of 50% off! We were blown away and obviously tipped the guys handsomely. We can't thank Trek movers enough!! Highly recommend.
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