Moving to Sacramento? Things to Know about Living in Sacramento

Moving to Sacramento

By Serg Crete / 04.26.2022

Sacramento, the capital of California, unfairly receives less attention than Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Being often overlooked and underrated, Sacramento has its own spirit — not many cities can brag about that. If you want to move to Sacramento, you need to get familiar with this spirit. The picturesque landscape is by far not the solitary advantage of living in the city and its suburbs.

Is Sacramento a Good Place to Live?

With a population of around half a million people, Sacramento attracts many families from the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and other states with affordable home prices and high living standards.

Is Sacramento a good place to live? Given that you feel well in a hot climate, have a job, and live in a nice neighborhood, Sacramento, known also as the “City of Trees” due to the abundance of parks and tree alleys, might be a great place to live. Add here an extensive job market and affordable housing prices.
Sacramento residents never feel bored: 14-acre Sacramento Zoo, Old Sacramento State Historic Park, The California State Capitol Museum, American River Parkway, Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Philanthropic & Opera are just a few of the many places to go.


If you are a coffee gourmet, who plans on moving to Sacramento, CA, and wonders “Is Sacramento good place to live?”, the answer is “Yes, certainly.” Seriously though, Sacramento coffee roasters are listed in the top list across the country: Temple Coffee Roasters, Insight Coffee Roasters, Milka Coffee Roasters, etc. The coffee here isn’t a drink — it is a specialty. If you are not into coffee, there are award-winning wineries and breweries, including Bogle Vineyards and Bailarin Cellars.

Is Sacramento Expensive?

Moving to Sacramento, California, you should be ready for the higher cost of living than in many other states across the country. This is California — it says it all. The cost of living is higher than the national average by 7%; however, compared to other cities in California, Sacramento is less expensive than Los Angeles by 46.6% and cheaper than San Diego by 35.4%.

If you move to Sacramento and want to live comfortably, you need to make around $90k per year. The good news is that a good average salary in Sacramento is $135k, which leaves some space for savings. Actually, the job market in Sacramento has recovered and offers a wide array of well-paid vacancies across many industries.

Moving to Sacramento, California

The median home cost in Sacramento is $435,600, which is lower than the average in California ($684,800; for example, the median home price in San Jose is $1.2 million) but higher than the national average ($291,700). Family home prices start at $300k.

Surprisingly for a California-based city, utilities and health care costs in Sacramento are lower than the national average (98.4 and 96.7, respectively). In any case, the best scenario to move to Sacramento is having a job in hand — the city is relatively expensive, so it is better to be secured.

Is Sacramento Safe?

On a scale of 1 to 100, violent crime in Sacramento is 35.6 (with the US average of 22.7); property crime is 46.9 (with the US average of 35.4). The crime spike was recorded in Sacramento in 2006-2007; thus, many people still think of high crime rates.Since that time, the crime rate has been continuously declining, and being still a bit over the national average, it is almost leveled up with the California average.

Moving to Sacramento? Things to Know about Living in Sacramento US Sacramento

Sacramento Jobs

Despite being hit hard by the recession in 2010, Sacrament is one of the fastest-growing cities in California.

Many people moving to Sacramento are attracted by a variety of jobs across multiple industries. Transportation, agriculture, government, technology, tourism, and mining are among the top industries. Healthcare, education, and construction are on the rise in recent years.
Employers like Sutter Health, McClatchy, Paramount Building Solutions, VSP Global, Aerojet Rocketdyne, PORAC, and the State of California provide attractive vacancies for residents.

Educational institutions are among the top employers in Sacramento. California State University, located in Sacramento, is one of the oldest universities in California with more than 60 undergraduate programs. Sacramento is also home to MTI College, Sacramento City College, Carrington College, American River College, and several other higher education institutions.

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Sacramento Weather

With its temperate warm climate, Sacramento is known for hot and dry summers and mild winters. The hottest months are July and August — temperatures can reach 100F, January is the coldest month with an average daytime temperature around 56F and 37F in the nighttime. In the summer, heat is cooled by the breeze from the Sacramento River and the American River.

The mild climate favors all kinds of outdoor activities: hiking, kayaking, cycling, jogging, etc. With multiple recreational facilities, including green and amusement parks, tennis courts, treks, and water parks, Sacramento residents always have multiple options for weekends.

Moving to Sacramento? Things to Know about Living in Sacramento downtown sacramento

Best Neighborhoods in Sacramento

Before planning the relocation, you want to figure out the best neighborhoods in Sacramento. Despite not having the lowest crime rates across the state, there are safe, family-friendly areas:

  • Downtown Sacramento. This neighborhood should be one of the best options for young couples and singles who prefer an urban lifestyle. In proximity to jobs, Downtown offers multiple options for spending free time: urban green parks, trendy cafes & restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. The median home price is about $290,500, and the average rent is $880.
  • Land Park. One of the best and most family-friendly places in proximity to Downtown. With plenty of green alleys and parks and multiple dining and entertainment options, Land Park has housing to fit every taste. The median monthly rent is $1.275, and the median home price is about $456,720.
  • East Sacramento. A very popular neighborhood with fantastic Colonial homes and mind-bending views is located a 10-min drive from Downtown. Renowned Sacramento State University is located in East Sacramento, one of the safest neighborhoods. So many graduates and young specialists start their careers here. The average home price is $442,200; while the median rent is around $1,156.
  • Natomas Park. Safe and budget-friendly Natomas Park stands out with its green areas and walkability. House prices are affordable with an average $285,950 purchase rate, and $1,160 monthly rent.
  • North Oak Park. With freeway access and affordable housing, North Oak Park is a great place for those working in Downtown Sacramento. Prices in this cozy and green-planted neighborhood are lower than the average: the median home price is $231,730, and the median monthly rate is around $890.
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Best Sacramento Suburbs for Families

If the city hosts around 500k residents, outlying suburbs are home to an additional 1 million people. When relocating with kids, you try to find the best suburbs of Sacramento for families — safe, in proximity to schools and sports facilities, green and walkable.

  • Folsom. One of the most family-friendly and safest neighborhoods with a friendly community and lots of green areas. Folsom hosts some of the best public schools, like Riverview STEM Elementary and Folsom High School, and several reputable private schools. On weekends, families have a wide array of outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking, cycling, etc. Rentals are limited in Folsom, so the median monthly rent is about $1,700; the median home price is $524,100.
  • El Dorado Hills. The suburb for families with an active lifestyle. There is no lack of outdoor recreation activities: public tennis courts, water attractions, and all kinds of sporting fields. The median home price in El Dorado Hills is about $630,000; the median monthly rent is $1,960.

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