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By Serge Crete / 02.07.2024

Beverly Hills and San Mateo are two iconic California destinations that have caught many people’s imaginations. Both of these cities have unique lifestyles, but there are important differences that may affect why people decide to move from Beverly Hills to San Mateo. 

Beverly Hills, often associated with luxury and wealth, has long been a symbol of the beautiful California dream. Located inside Los Angeles County, it has a range of upscale stores, fine dining establishments, and magnificent residences that have been the backdrop for countless Hollywood stories. Beverly Hills, with its palm-lined streets and reputation as a playground for the rich and famous, exudes a certain level of status and exclusivity that can be desirable.

On the other hand, San Mateo, located in the center of the San Francisco Peninsula, has a unique character. While it may lack the sparkle and glamour as Beverly Hills, it offers a more peaceful and family-friendly environment. The city is known for its great schools, attractive parks, and a deep feeling of community. San Mateo’s closeness to Silicon Valley also makes it a desirable destination for tech professionals seeking a more balanced lifestyle.

Moving from Beverly Hills to San Mateo California (90210 to 94402 moving company) tom san mateo

I have lived in San Mateo nearly all my life since the 1950’s. You won’t find a better place to live. It is close to lots of high paying jobs, great public school system, close to world class urban cultural and entertainment attractions, close to beautiful natural areas (mountains, forests, seashore, bayshore), low crime rate, and a great climate for outdoor recreation. 

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Why People Move from Beverly Hills to San Mateo?

One of the most important aspects is the cost of living. Beverly Hills is well-known for its costly real estate prices, high property taxes, and overall high cost of living. While it offers a wonderful experience, it comes at a high price. San Mateo, while still considered very pricey by national standards, provides a more affordable option, especially for parents looking for a large home and good schools without giving up the California dream.

The safety of life is clearly one of the key factors that might affect the final decision. Beverly Hills definitely offers a high level of safety due to major funds given to the police and emergency services. Numerous patrols and surveillance devices in this private region provide homeowners with a relative sense of peace. However, like with any big city, crime and incidents can occur in Beverly Hills. Comparatively, San Mateo offers a more traditional, calm atmosphere that is often associated with a sense of security To secure the safety of its citizens, the city actively invests in local security services and police forces. The streets of San Mateo give a feeling of comfortable safety, making it attractive when choosing a place to 

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On average its a city that is definetly safer than normal . Its 29% lower than the national average. Ive lived here for 2 years now since im going to college in the bay area and I can say its definetly living up to its name. You can walk around almost anywhere at night since not very many people are out and crime is relatively low. 

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A shift in priorities might also be a factor driving the switch. People who once wanted the excitement and thrill of Beverly Hills may discover that when they become older or raise kids, their priorities change to a calmer, more family-oriented setting. San Mateo’s friendly neighborhoods and solid unity of community appeal to those who want to raise their children in a safe and supportive environment.

Furthermore, the job market plays a crucial role in this decision. Silicon Valley, with its numerous tech companies and startups, attracts professionals in the tech industry. Many people working in this industry eventually find themselves pulled to the opportunities in San Mateo, making it a logical choice for career development.

Traffic jams and travel times are also important considerations. Beverly Hills, as part of the huge Los Angeles metropolitan area, often have heavy traffic, long commutes, and crowded streets. San Mateo, with its more manageable size and closeness to major job hubs, offers a break from the daily traffic that can be a major quality-of-life issue for many people.

What don’t you like about living in San Mateo, CA?

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I grew up in San Mateo. I’ve lived in San Mateo for 60 years. I used to be a paper boy delivering The San Mateo Times as a kid. First things first. It’s always been expensive (relatively speaking) to live in San Mateo. There’s always been a housing shortage here. The only way to get more land is to make it by filling in more of SF Bay (which is why Foster City and Shoreview exist) or open up the Crystal Springs Watershed for development (neither of which is going to happen). So unless there’s some sort of geological upheaval, available land here is a fixed commodity. Traffic is terrible on highway 101 and highway 92 during rush hour (which is beginning to be all the time.)  

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In conclusion, the choice to relocate from Beverly Hills to San Mateo is a result of changing priorities, cost concerns, career opportunities, and a desire for a different pace of life. While Beverly Hills may be the synonym of luxury, San Mateo provides a more balanced and family-friendly alternative that attracts wider audience. Finally, both cities have their unique charm, and the decision between them is based on what is best for an individual or family’s current life stage and preferences.

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