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The ability to quickly, efficiently and safely move any volume of cargo is provided by movers in Vacaville at a reasonable price. TrekMovers’ professionals take on the solution of any tasks associated with moving to a new house, apartment or office. We take into account any customer’s requirements, we carry out all types of work including packing, loading, unloading. Having signed the bill of lading, the customer can only wait for the truck to arrive.

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We are a family-owned, full-service moving company. We do not sub-contract any jobs and do not provide brokerage services. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

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It does not matter what type of cargo needs to be delivered to a new location. We will transport personal property or office equipment from another street, district or city as quickly and safely as possible. We are able to transport goods efficiently both for short and long-distance moving. Vacaville movers will relieve you of the hassle, nervous tension, fuss, help you save money by taking over all the difficulties of moving. To book a suitable time, send a message to the e-mail address or SMS to the manager. He will call you back as soon as possible, explain in detail what services can be obtained, calculate the cost.

Movers in Vacaville, CA

To complete an application on the site, you must provide personal data indicating your last name, first name. You also must provide two emergency phone numbers. Negotiate a convenient time, give the address of loading and unloading. Transportation time depends on the distance between the end points. By signing the terms and conditions bill of lading the price will remain unchanged until the completion of the work. Any technical difficulties arising on the way, civil liability insurance, overtime payment, overload in case of a truck breakdown the company takes on itself. The customer does not need to search for stretch tape or boxes, the company will provide any amount of packaging material for free. We deliver any type of cargo in California or other states, considering all the wishes of the customer, safely and quickly.

We will pack and load any volume of cargo

Vacaville moving company will provide a truck and two movers just in time specified in the bill of lading. The customer is freed from all the hassle, he just needs to open access to the room where the things are. While packing household appliances, we make sure to check the work of each TV, refrigerator, washing machine, computer. Clothes are placed in special cabinets on hangers in the truck. This will allow you to use your wardrobe immediately after moving in without additional ironing.

Furniture must be wrapped in several layers of protective film to keep the polish safe from scratches and chips. Each piece of the cargo is firmly fastened to the side of the truck with special straps to avoid falling off during sharp turns or braking. Experts know how to place boxes so that valuables are exposed to minimal danger during transportation. Full settlement is performed after completion of work. Using the coupons available on the site, you can minimize costs. Cash will reduce the cost of services by five percent.

Moving company in Vacaville, CA

Insurance, unloading

The customer will independently determine the type, amount of the insurance policy. Moving company in Vacaville, CA guarantees the efficient movement of personal belongings or office equipment over any distance. The transporter solves all technical issues not covered by the bill of lading without requiring additional payment from the customer. 40-60 minutes before arriving at the unloading point the customer will be sent an SMS or e-mail message so that he gets ready for the meeting. Movers will unpack, check household appliances. Furniture, boxes with things are delivered to the desired floor free of charge.

The advantages of cooperation with our company

  • We work individually with each customer, taking into account all his requirements.
  • A full cycle of services is focused on the customer.
  • Fully equipped trucks guarantee the safety of transporting any cargo.
  • Dedicated customer support is always ready to help.

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