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People often have to deal with the need to suddenly change their place of residence or move their office. For many this is a real test of the psyche. TrekMovers will shoulder unexpected problems that have arisen, will ensure the quick transportation of any number of things from street to street, from city to city or anywhere in the country. Movers in Upland CA will easily cope with any task. It doesn’t matter what area, volume, type, size of the cargo transported, it will arrive at a newer place in full safety.

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We are a full-service family-owned moving company. We are not a broker. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

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Sudden difficulties associated with the move are best left to professionals. You can submit an application remotely, without a personal meeting and a trip to the office. Send SMS or e-mail message or leave a request through the application form. The administrator will contact you within an hour to ask the necessary questions. Be sure to specify the address of loading and unloading. Write the name and surname without errors. Provide two telephone numbers for operational communication to instantly resolve any issues that arise during work. Tell us about the nature of the approximate volume, cargo area.

Moving company in Upland will provide two specialists and a trailer, an unlimited number of stretch films, cardboard boxes for packaging. The trailer will wait at the indicated place at the agreed time. The carrier himself resolves any issues arising on the road without requiring additional payment. He insures civil liability, pays overtime, provides overload in the case of a truck breakdown in transit.

Loading after packing

Household appliances or office equipment must be checked before packing so that there are no difficulties after delivery. Fragile things, computers, televisions, dishes, antiques are protected by several layers of a special tape before being packed into boxes. Clothing is located in a special trailer body cabinet on hangers, which will provide it with an ideal appearance regardless of the time of the truck on the way.

Each item of the furniture is protected by several layers of film so that the polishing does not get damaged during transportation or handling. Cabinets are fastened to the walls of the trailer with special slings so that they do not fall when cornering or braking. Having finished packing things and loading everything into the trailer, the customer is sent an SMS or e-mail message. After that he transfers the required half of the amount, and the truck goes to the place of unloading.

Unforeseen circumstances on the road

Moving services of Upland enable the customer not to worry about safety, timely delivery of things to a new place. All risks associated with the relocation are assumed by the moving company. The customer only needs to insure their things. Carrier in that time solves any difficulties, unexpected problems himself, without attracting a customer, without requiring additional payment. The price will remain unchanged until the full completion of the obligations undertaken. You can verify the professionalism and integrity of the dispatcher by reading numerous positive reviews.

Unloading and final settlement

You can control the movement of your things along the route by using a special mobile application. The owner sees where the trailer is in real time. In half an hour before arrival at the point of unloading an SMS or e-mail message will be sent to him. Delivered items, furniture, boxes to rise for free to the desired floor are put in the specified place. Be sure to check the operability of imported household or office equipment. Just after making sure that everything is in order pay the remaining amount. Using the cash can reduce costs by up to five percent.

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