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It’s difficult to quickly transfer personal items or office equipment without experience. TrekMovers will provide qualified assistance to complete the work as quickly as possible guaranteeing one hundred percent security of your property. Movers in Napa CA have good professional training and solid practical experience, so they can easily cope with tasks of any complexity. It does not matter what volume or area of property is being transported, we will carefully pack each item and deliver it to the indicated place for a short period of time.

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We are a full-service family-owned moving company. We are not a broker. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

Napa moving company booking

The fast pace of life, modern telecommunication facilities enable the customer not to waste time on a trip to the office. Today you can book a carriage from a car, home or office, just send an SMS or e-mail message to the dispatcher. Fill out the application form on the site clearly, without errors write the name and surname. Be sure to indicate the place of loading, unloading, the optimal route and the approximate amount of cargo. Give two phone numbers so that the moving company in Napa CA is always in touch during transport.

If there are any delays in organizing the loading, just inform the dispatcher in advance so that people do not stand idle. He will postpone the terms without increasing the agreed amount of the order and fines. The carrier assumes all risks associated with the move. He pays for overtime, in case of a trailer breakdown, organizes overloading, insures civil liability. No hidden or additional fees. By using coupons on the site you can minimize the amount of the order.

Napa movers will pack and ship each item

At the place indicated by the customer at the agreed time two loaders and a trailer will be expected. All household or office equipment must be checked before packing in boxes. Cardboard boxes protect property from damage on the road. Clothing is placed in special cabinets so that it does not wrinkle on the way. Works of art, dishes, household trifles are stacked in boxes pre-wrapped with plastic film. Boxes are placed in the back so that fragile items are not damaged during a long ride.

Furniture polishing is protected from scratches by several layers of film. Each piece of furniture is firmly fastened to the sides of the trailer with special slings. This will provide stability when cornering or braking the machine. Upon completion of loading the owner is notified by SMS or e-mail with a message about leaving the place of unloading. After that he transfers the first half of the agreed amount to the company’s account.

Risk insurance

Cheap movers in Napa will save the customer from all additional costs. The carrier assumes all risks. Any difficulties arising along the way will be solved without attracting the customer and additional financial costs on his part. The amount of the order remains unchanged until the completion of the move. You can verify the professionalism and responsibility of the dispatcher by reading positive reviews about his work. During the existence of the moving company, a huge amount of cargo was delivered, thousands of crossings and many positive responses were made.

Unloading and final payment for services

Thanks to a special mobile application, the customer at any time of the day sees where his belongings are, how the truck moves, how much time is left before arriving at the specified place. In half an hour before arrival the owner is sent an SMS or e-mail message so that he is ready to receive the property. All household appliances, boxes with things, furniture is raised to the desired floor, placed in its place. Computers, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, office equipment are checked. Only after this the owner pays the rest of the amount. Cash reduces costs by five percent since there is no need to pay the bank for card servicing.

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