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We will provide efficient, fast movement of any volume of cargo from street to street, from district to district, from city to city. Big Bear movers are able to transport personal belongings, household appliances, furniture, office equipment safely, precisely following all the wishes of the customer. The cost of TrekMovers’ services is always determined by the specific needs of customer, taking into account all possible risks, distance, additional services. Our professionalism will relieve the customer of any difficulties associated with the move.

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We are a family-owned, full-service moving company. We do not sub-contract any jobs and do not provide brokerage services. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

How to book a convenient moving time with Big Bear movers?

We will transport any cargo, save you from unnecessary troubles, keep your peace of mind and minimize costs. Big Bear moving company will ensure smooth personal belongings’ both short and long-distance moving to any state of the country or city of California. Reservation of the required time for moving is made in a few minutes. Send an SMS or e-mail message to the manager so that he can quickly call a potential customer back. The conclusion of the bill of lading begins with filling out a questionnaire on the website. Personal data is entered, surname, first name, two phone numbers, time and address of loading and unloading place.

The company should be notified as soon as possible of an unexpected change in loading time. This will not affect the amount of the bill of lading in any way, it will not cause a fine. After signing the bill of lading the conditions prescribed in it remain unchanged until the transporter fully fulfills its obligations. Movers in Big Bear will take all the difficulties of moving from the customer’s shoulders. The customer is obliged to provide the loaders with timely access to the premises where the cargo is stored. The company is also responsible for overtime payments, liability insurance, overloading in the case of a truck breakdown.

Big Bear movers


We quickly pack and load cargo

The customer receives a full range of services provided for by the bill of lading. The truck will be at the specified location right on time. A couple of movers will pack all things with high quality after checking the functionality of household appliances. Regardless of the distance between the points of loading and unloading, things entrusted to the carrier will arrive at the point of receipt in perfect condition. Clothes are hung on hangers in special cabinets in the truck. This will eliminate the need to iron your wardrobe after delivery.

Polished furniture fronts are wrapped in several layers of protective film in order to prevent scratches or scuffs. Each piece of the surface is firmly fastened with straps to the sides of the truck so that it does not fall when driving, hard braking or turning. Moving company in Big Bear, CA guarantees fast, efficient delivery of any number of personal belongings or office equipment to a new address. Using coupons when concluding a bill of lading will help you reduce costs. Cash will additionally save money by five percent.

Unloading, insurance

Determination of the amount, type of insurance is chosen by the customer independently. All other expenses not stipulated by the bill of lading are covered by the company. It will pay for any technical problems that arise on the road without attracting the attention of customer or requiring additional fees. Before arriving at the destination the customer is sent an SMS or e-mail message 60 minutes in advance. That’s enough to get ready for the truck meeting. The unloaded equipment is checked for operability, boxes, furniture go up to any floor free of charge.

Our advantages

  • A full range of services guarantees excellent service to each customer.
  • Fully equipped trucks are perfectly suited to transport any type of property.
  • No one-day laborers.
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • Licensed, insured transportation throughout the country.

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