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It is difficult for people to skillfully organize their move. Troubles can cause a lot of inconvenience and cause serious problems if you have not previously been involved in a relocation. Moving company in Woodland Hills is the best way to avoid unnecessary costs, hassles and other difficulties. For many years Trek Movers has been helping private traders and first-starters organize any quantity of things or goods from one city to another with minimal financial costs.

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We are a family-owned, full-service moving company. We do not sub-contract any jobs and do not provide brokerage services. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

The main advantages of our company

Faced with the need to move personal belongings or an office, people are sure to monitor the market’s offerings. Moving company in Woodland Hills, CA offers the best prices, a full package of services including packaging, loading, unloading, truck movement control along the entire route. You should not trust the transport of personal belongings to unknown companies that do not have a high reputation of a reliable partner. It is enough to read reviews from grateful customers to understand that those who entrust us their things as the customer may not care of their safety. Local movers in Woodland Hills offer a special truck motion control program using a mobile application. The customer will know where his things are in a given period of time. If you encounter any difficulties in driving, it will immediately receive a notice of delay. Among the main advantages of working with us we can especially highlight several points:

  • The customer himself chooses the most suitable time for the move. Having booked the service, you can expect that the moving schedule will be strictly observed.
  • Digging provides services for local moving around the city, anywhere in California or other states. It does not matter if the trailer takes several hours or days to deliver things to a new place. The customer may not be prejudiced that the approved schedule will not be maintained.
  • Professional movers in Woodland Hills build their work on the strict observance of all commitments.
  • Special cabinets for transporting clothes, boxes for televisions, refrigerators, office equipment are provided free of charge.
  • Full transparency when submitting a bill of lading. No hidden fees. The amount after signing the bill of lading remains unchanged until the completion of the move.

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Booking an order

You can remotely submit a reservation and book a convenient time for your appointment. It is enough to send SMS or e-mail message. Be sure to specify the exact address of loading and unloading things. Provide two phone numbers for the contact, customer’s first and last name. The customer will receive a trailer and two loaders at his disposal. If you change the time of booking, please inform the dispatcher. This does not entail a change in value or a fine. Specialists will simply arrive at a time convenient for you.

Packing and loading

Before packing and loading a special representative must check the condition of the equipment. Packing household appliances in special boxes guarantees their complete safety during long-term transportation. Household trifles, dishes, indoor plants, figurines, works of art are carefully packed so that they arrive without damage, scratches, dents. Woodland Hills movers carefully bring furniture firmly attached to the walls of the truck with special slings. Having completed packing and loading, the customer is sent an SMS or e-mail message. Then he can immediately transport fifty percent of the bill of lading amount. Using the cash, the mover is given a ten percent discount, since there is no need to maintain a bank card.

In any unforeseen circumstances arising along the way the moving company assumes all additional costs. It pays overtime, liability insurance. Things are delivered to any floor, furniture is placed in the indicated places. In 30-40 minutes before the arrival at the end point the customer gets a message that he can meet the trailer and make sure things are safe.

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