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If you buy a new house or apartment, open a new office, you need to quickly transport personal belongings or fragile equipment, contact movers in Vallejo. High professionalism, ability to quickly solve complex issues, individual work with each customer attracts customers to TrekMovers. The ideal combination of price and quality allows you to move any volume of cargo from one city, district or street to another without unnecessary hassle, high costs. An unexpected move will not be a disaster if you entrust the work to professionals.

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We are a family-owned, full-service moving company. We do not sub-contract any jobs and do not provide brokerage services. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

How to book time for transportation with movers in Vallejo?

We will take delivery of personal items, household appliances, office supplies, furniture quickly, efficiently, safely. Vallejo movers guarantee a high-quality service for both short and long-distance move of goods. To book the time of moving, send a request to e-mail or SMS of the manager. He will answer immediately, advise on all questions, calculate the cost of the order. You can draw up a bill of lading by filling out a form with personal data on the website. Enter your last name, first name, two phone numbers for communication at any time. Include loading, unloading address, convenient time for loading.

Movers in Vallejo

Be sure to notify the company in advance about the change in the loading schedule if unforeseen circumstances arise. This will not affect the cost in any way and will not entail penalties. The agreed amount will remain unchanged until the completion of the work. The Vallejo moving company will take on all the hassle and avoid unnecessary stress. Movers will check the performance of equipment, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, computers before packing and loading. Any amount of stretch tape, packing boxes is provided free of charge. All additional costs for civil liability insurance, overtime, overload in case of a truck breakdown the company is responsible for.

We pack and ship using proven technology

A truck with two loaders will be waiting right on time at the address specified in the bill of lading. The customer is only required to provide free access to the premises where things are. Moving company in Vallejo, CA will provide the property with a safe move, guaranteeing a high quality of service. The boxes are placed in such a way that the most valuable assets are exposed to the minimum risk. Clothes are put on hangers in cabinets specially equipped in the back of the truck. This will make it possible to immediately use the wardrobe in a new place without ironing.

Each piece of furniture must be protected with several layers of film to prevent damage to the polishing of the facades. The furniture placed in the body is fastened with strong slings to the sides so that it does not fall off during sharp turns or braking. The moving can also be quite beneficial if you how the discount system works. You can reduce costs by using special coupons available on the site that are used when placing an application. Cash will reduce the amount of expenses by five percent.

Cargo insurance, truck unloading

The customer chooses the amount and type of insurance at his own decision. Having concluded the bill of lading, the customer transfers all the troubles to the company that is fully responsible for the safety, timely delivery and payment for unforeseen expenses. 40-60 minutes before arriving at the unloading point the owner of the property receives an e-mail or SMS message to prepare for the meeting. When unloading, things are carefully checked, unpacked and lifted free of charge to any floor. The furniture is placed in a new location.

The main advantages of working with us

  • Full cycle of services focused on customer requests.
  • Fully equipped trucks deliver any volume of cargo without any problems.
  • No one-day laborers, only professional loaders.
  • Dedicated customer support during transportation.

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