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You do not have to worry that moving will turn into a serious test of your psyche if TrekMovers is taken up. Well-trained professionals can easily cope with any task regardless of the volume and area of things delivered to a new place. Movers in Rancho Cucamonga will do the job efficiently, quickly, at an affordable price. You can verify decency, the ability to solve difficult problems by reading many positive reviews on the site. During the existence of more than one gripe the carrier therefore confidently takes a leading position in the market.

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We are a family-owned, full-service moving company. We do not sub-contract any jobs and do not provide brokerage services. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

Booking of Rancho Cucamonga’s movers

To contact the dispatcher there is no need to go to the office to meet and agree on the terms of work. It is enough to call, send SMS or e-mail message, or fill out the application form on the site. Be sure to accurately indicate the places of loading and unloading, correctly write the surname, first name. Give two phone numbers for communication at any time of the day. Do not forget to give a rough estimate of the volume, area of the transported cargo. The dispatcher will call you back within an hour to clarify all the necessary questions.

Local movers in Rancho Cucamonga CA deliver goods to anywhere in the country – from city to city or from one street to another. In case of any changes, just inform the dispatcher so that he corrects the schedule. No need to worry that this will increase the amount of the Bill of Lading due to penalties. The price of the service after signing the Bill of Lading will remain unchanged until the completion of the move. The customer can count on understanding in a difficult situation, he will only need to draw up an insurance policy – the carrier takes the rest.

Packing and loading

Often packing in a quality manner for things moved becomes an impossible task for busy people. The company’s specialists will do the job quickly, efficiently. The carrier provides an unlimited number of stretch films, cardboard boxes for free. Fragile things, dishes, little things, works of art, antiques are protected by several layers of a special tape before being placed in boxes. Household appliances, office equipment must be checked so that when unloading there are no misunderstandings.

The polished facade of the furniture is closed with a protective film in several layers, this prevents the appearance of scuffs, scratches of chips. Each piece of furniture is attached to the sides of the trailer with strong slings that will not allow them to fall during sudden braking or turning. Clothes are hung on hangers in a special closet so that it does not wrinkle during transportation. Having finished loading, the owner is sent an SMS or e-mail message so that he transfers the first half of the agreed amount.

Resolving unexpected issues along the way

Rancho Cucamonga’s moving company takes overtime payment, liability insurance, any difficulties encountered along the way without involving the customer in their decision. If the trailer breaks down, overloading is done at the company’s expense. Payment of additional costs when traveling is at the expense of the carrier. The delivery price until the completion of the move after the conclusion of the agreement will not change.

Full settlement after unloading

Thanks to a special mobile application, the customer sees where his things are at any time of the day. In half an hour before arrival at the indicated place the customer is sent an SMS or e-mail message so that he is preparing for the meeting. Unloaded equipment must be checked, furniture, boxes with things are delivered to the desired floor, put in places for free. After making sure that the transported property is in perfect condition, the customer is paid the remaining amount. Cash reduces costs by five percent since there is no need to pay the bank for card servicing.

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