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Losing time, hassle and other inconveniences associated with moving will not bother if you take advantage of Trek Movers’ offer. High professionalism and responsible attitude are confirmed by numerous positive reviews from grateful clients. Palo Alto movers will execute the order exactly on schedule, ensure the complete safety of things, strict observance of the obligations undertaken. Extensive practical experience of the company’s employees, impeccable reputation guarantees efficient performance of work quickly, cheaply, efficiently.

  • Local movers in Palo Alto never fail, regardless of the complexity of the task and the volume of cargo delivered. The list of services includes:
  • Delivery of a truck with a couple of movers at the time specified by the bill of lading.
  • Providing an unlimited number of stretch film and packing tape for free.
  • Transportation of clothes in special cabinets to maintain their attractiveness and prevent damage to products.
  • Any number of free boxes for packaging electronics, refrigerators, televisions.
  • An additional amount of ethereal gasoline for unforeseen deviations from the route.

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We are a family-owned, full-service moving company. We do not sub-contract any jobs and do not provide brokerage services. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

Booking time for transportation

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Local movers in Palo Alto will respond to any request immediately. In order to do this just fill out a special form on the website or send SMS, e-mail message. The dispatcher will call you back within fifteen minutes to clarify the necessary parameters. When making an order, be sure to correctly indicate the name, surname. Remember to give two emergency phone numbers. Write the exact address of loading and unloading, convenient time to complete the work, the estimated area and volume of cargo transported. After talking with a dispatcher do not forget to confirm the reservation on the website or by sending an SMS message, e-mail.

Packing and loading at the specified time

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In case of unforeseen circumstances and changing the schedule of the move be sure to notify the moving company dispatcher. This will not entail penalties or changes in the cost of the service, it will simply save staff from unnecessary trouble. Moving services in Palo Alto relieve people of the many problems associated with moving. The trustee will control the packaging and loading of things, make sure that the cargo is placed correctly and will inform the client about the movement of the truck along the route.

All household appliances, refrigerators, televisions, computers are packed in special boxes guaranteeing the safety of fragile things when moving. Clothing is placed in a truck in a special cabinet that provides one hundred percent safety attractiveness and eliminates the need to iron clothes after arriving at the place. The furniture is wrapped with a protective film that guarantees protection against scratches and other damage to the polish.

Dimensional pieces of furniture are attached to the sides of the truck with special slings to prevent them from falling during movement under sharp braking or turning. Boxes are placed in the body taking into account the fragility of the items in them. Transportation of the office or personal belongings of the family is carried out as carefully as possible, quickly, efficiently.

Unloading payment

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Approaching the destination the staff sends the client SMS, e-mail in 30-40 minutes before arrival at the specified point. Movers will lift things to any floor for free, install furniture following the instructions of the owner. Client has to choose a form of mutual settlements, pay an insurance policy. Overtime payments, loaders’ work, solving problems on the road, liability insurance are carried out without involving a client. He needs to transfer 50 percent after loading and the rest of the amount after delivery. Using the cash, the client receives a five percent discount since the carrier does not have to pay the bank for card service.

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