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The aspect of moving for many people or organizations of it becomes a serious test of the nervous system. The help of professionals will help you quickly cope with the problem without wasting your time and extra money. Moving company in Ontario CA organizes the packaging, delivery of personal items or office equipment of any volume. TrekMovers takes care of all the troubles associated with an unexpected or planned move to any part of the country or to a neighboring street. The property will be moved in complete safety.

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We are a family-owned, full-service moving company. We do not sub-contract any jobs and do not provide brokerage services. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

How to book an order in Ontario of movers?

For contacting the dispatcher you do not need trips to the office or personal meetings. Just call or fill out a special form on the site. Do not forget to correctly indicate your name, surname, exact address of loading, unloading. The approximate area required to accommodate the entire volume of cargo. A trailer with two loaders will wait at the indicated place at a convenient time for the customer. For any changes you must call the dispatcher to change the schedule.

The customer does not need to worry that changing the loading time will affect the cost of the order. After the conclusion of the agreement the price will remain unchanged until the work is completed, regardless of changes in the schedule. There will be no fines or additional payments for deviations from the planned time of moving. Movers in Ontario CA fully organize all the work. Overtime is paid, civil liability is insured, any number of stretch tapes and cardboard boxes for packaging is provided.

Packing, loading

Home appliances or office equipment must be checked before packing. The presence of breakdowns is recorded in the annex to the Bill of Lading, so that after unloading and verification it is convinced that the delivered equipment is in its original condition. Televisions, refrigerators, computers, washing machines, kitchen units placed in cardboard boxes are reliably protected from any mechanical damage. Fragile dishes, works of art, household trifles must be wrapped with a protective film before being put into a box.

All items of the furniture are protected by a film so that the polished facades are not scratched during transportation, loading and unloading. Things are placed in special cabinets on hangers, so after unloading they do not need to be ironed. Having completed packing and loading before leaving, the owner is sent an SMS or e-mail message, so that he can transfer the first half of the agreed amount.

Company solves problems on the road

Ontario’s moving service takes on any possible risks. Any difficulties along the way will be solved without additional financial costs from the customer. In the case of a trailer breakdown, overload, detour the dispatcher will independently do everything that is necessary to move the cargo entrusted to him. The customer should only take out insurance for their belongings. The Bill of Lading does not provide for hidden charges or additional costs. You can verify the professionalism of movers by looking at the many positive reviews on the site.

Unloading, final settlement

The customer always sees where his things are located by using a special mobile application. It controls the movement of cargo at any time of the day, regardless of weather conditions. Half an hour before arrival at the indicated place of unloading the customer receives an SMS or e-mail message that gives time to prepare for the meeting. The movers will unpack things, lift them up for free on the desired floor, and put the furniture in the indicated place. Only after accepting work, making sure that the imported equipment is in good condition, the rest of the due amount is paid. With using cash costs are reduced by five percent.

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