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Moving from one city to another or from one street to another is always a real test of the nervous system. There are many problems, like, it is necessary to think over how to pack hope, books, household appliances so that nothing is harmed. The Trek Movers company has been engaged in transporting large volumes of diverse things for several years taking off a lot of hassle from customers. Movers in Milpitas offer the lowest prices, a full range of services including packaging, loading, unloading, installation in a new location.

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We are a full-service family-owned moving company. We are not a broker. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

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Everyone who encounters the problem of an unexpected move should necessarily conduct a monitoring of the service market. Our company firmly holds a leading position in offering the ideal balance of quality and low cost. We take on any work, help move from street to street, from city to city or from California to another state. It does not matter how long it takes one hour or several days to deliver things to a new address. The customer will always know where his things get transported controlling the movement with the help of a special mobile application. Moving company in Milpitas will ensure the complete safety of the entrusted cargo, specialists will pack, load, unload, arrange furniture and household appliances in a new place. The main advantages of working with our moving company are:

  • An opportunity to choose any time convenient for moving. After booking the schedule will be strictly observed. With any changes you just need to inform the dispatcher. This will not affect the payment, will not entail a fine.
  • The company will take care of transporting of any number of things from state to state from street to street or from city to city. Experienced specialists of the company carefully wrap every piece of furniture, plants, clothes, household appliances.
  • We work individually with each customer taking into account all its tendencies. Any desire of the customer is necessarily fulfilled. For packing we provide free 6 special boxes, duct tape, wardrobes.
  • Before loading all equipment is checked, during unloading the same operation is performed to show the safety of entrusted things.
  • All transactions are transparent and reasonable. No hidden fees or extra charges of unknown purpose. The signed agreement does not change until the work is terminated and the final settlement.

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Local moving company in Milpitas does not just transport the things entrusted to it. Specialists will offer the best route, control loading. Carefully pack the furniture protecting the covering from scratches or dents. We completely relieve the customer of all the troubles. He only needs to indicate the address and time of the next load. All other issues are solved by the company itself. We remove all the problems that have arisen along the way with our efforts. If the trailer breaks down, reloading and provision of a new machine is at the expense of the company. Brought things will be risen to the desired floor, placed in their places. Final settlement only after completion of work.

Booking a convenient time

You can place an order without visiting the office. The customer is required to send an SMS or e-mail message indicating his name, surname, address of loading, unloading, two contact phone numbers. The shipper will only have to pay fifty percent of the payment after packing and loading things into the trailer. If you use the cash, then a ten percent discount is given. A thorough calculation after the termination of work and acceptance of things by customers in a new place is performed. During a truck ride the mover always sees where the cargo is. In 30-40 minutes before arrival at the unloading point the customer is sent an SMS or e-mail message so that he can meet the cargo, make sure it is safe.

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