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Many people are scared by the prospect of an unexpected move. It is especially difficult to fold and pack all the things by yourself. Professional assistance when moving to any part of CA will be provided by Trek Movers. The staff is well versed in all the intricacies of the organizational process, is able to easily cope with any task. It does not matter what volume or area of the transported items, each item will be packed, carefully loaded and unloaded at a new place. Movers in Marina del Rey CA will help to transport personal items, office equipment quickly, cheaply, efficiently.

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We are a family-owned, full-service moving company. We do not sub-contract any jobs and do not provide brokerage services. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

Booking reservation

For placing an order you do not need to go to the office to meet with the manager. It is enough to send SMS or e-mail message to fill out a special form on the site. Do not forget to indicate the place of loading and unloading. Enter the correct name and surname, specify two phone numbers for communication. The machine and two loaders will arrive exactly on time at the indicated place. If circumstances have changed, just inform the dispatcher.

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Changing the loading time does not entail penalties or an increase in the amount of the bill of lading. The concluded bill of lading does not change until the completion of the move. The carrier assumes the payment of overtime, liability insurance, the provision of any amount of packaging material. Moving company in Marina del Rey always adheres to commitments.

Packing and loading

A representative will definitely check serviceability before packing household appliances. Televisions, computers, refrigerators are packed in special boxes guaranteeing one hundred percent protection of fragile products from mechanical damage. Dishes, household trifles are stacked in boxes and signed. The furniture is covered with a special film to protect the polished part of the facade from scratches.

Each box is placed in the back of the truck strictly according to existing rules. Furniture is securely fastened to the sides with special slings. This ensures complete immobility during emergency braking or sharp turns. After the loading is completed the owner is sent an SMS or e-mail message and he can pay 50 percent of the cost of transportation. If the cash is used for this, then a five percent discount is given since you do not need to spend money on banking services.

Unseen circumstances

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Local movers in Marina del Rey accept all risks associated with moving. Any surprises on the road in no way affect the amount of mutual settlements. Damage to the car, overload of things, other problems that arose along the way – they all fall on the company’s shoulders. The customer only needs to draw up an insurance policy, the rest is done by moving company delivering the personal belongings of the customer to a new place. No hidden fees or additional costs are provided for in the existing bill of lading.

In order to learn more about the carrier you can get all the necessary information about the professionalism of employees by reading many positive reviews on the site. During the work a huge number of various cargoes were transported, and there is not a single gripe on the part of the customer.

Unloading and final settlement

Using modern mobile applications, the customer can always see where his things are at a given time. 30-40 minutes before arrival at the unloading point the representative sends an SMS or e-mail message. On the spot each box with appliances, clothes and furniture is raised to the indicated floor. Household appliances are checked for operability, furniture is put in the specified place. Only after making sure that everything is intact and delivered the customer can pay the rest of the amount due under the bill of lading.

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