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To quickly cope with unexpected problems in the transportation of personal property, furniture, various goods – Golden Gate movers are able to find simple solutions in difficult situations. A full-service TrekMovers company will save you from a nervous breakdown, unnecessary hassle and fuss, providing professional services focused on the customer.

The staff can easily transport any volume of cargo from street to street, from one area to another or from city to city – either short or long-distance moving. At the stage of moving the customer knows where his cargo is and can have the up-to-date information.

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We are a full-service family-owned moving company. We are not a broker. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

Booking orders

If you change jobs, decide to move in with a loved one, buy new furniture, must move the office, the Golden Gate moving company will take care of the relocation. Send an e-mail or SMS message to contact the manager, get the necessary advice and reserve a convenient transportation time.

To avoid any problems, follow these rules for filling out the application form: indicate the place and time of the upcoming loading, unloading, then transfer personal data from the documents with specifying the last name, first name and give two phone numbers for emergency communication, transmission of data on movement.

In case of change of time or place of loading, simply transfer the new data to the company – this will save time and will not entail any fines or additional costs.

After having concluded a bill of lading do not worry that after the completion of the work the cost will increase several times, you can be sure in a stability of prices. The moving company in Golden Gate area provides free of charge any number of boxes, stretch films for packing things. All formalities for civil liability insurance, overtime payment, the company takes over. The quality is strictly observed, problems encountered along the way are solved without attracting the customers or additional costs on his part. We will transport cargo from anywhere in California quickly, safely, according to the agreed schedule.

Golden Gate movers takes care of packing and loading things

Golden Gate movers

At the location indicated by the customer the truck of the required volume will appear on time. There is no need to spend extra money on purchasing packing tape or boxes. Movers in Golden Gate area will make sure that electronics, office equipment, furniture, items arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Clothes will be hung in special cabinets so that they do not wrinkle during transportation. Household appliances are packed in strong boxes. Furniture facades are closed through special layers which reliably protect the polish from scratches or chips.

The loadable furniture is firmly fastened to the sides of truck with special slings, which guarantees protection in the case of unexpected braking or sharp turns. Household or office equipment must be checked during loading and unloading. The transporter is responsible for expenses en route in case of sudden breakdowns of the truck, reloading of things. Using the relocation services of a trusted company with an impeccable reputation, there will never be any problems with the safety of the item or overpayment. Experienced movers will fulfill the order with high quality, right on time.

Risk insurance, unloading

The customer has the right to independently choose any type, amount of insurance. The customer never pays more than the agreed amount. An hour before the meeting at the place of the truck the customer receives an SMS or e-mail message that makes it possible to prepare for receiving. The brought things are lifted free of charge to any floor. Final settlement after completion of work. When paying with cash, the cost is reduced by five percent. The coupons placed on the site allowed us to minimize costs.

Why you should choose our Golden Gate movers company

TrekMovers company is highly recommended by customers because of:

  • fully equipped trucks that can keep your belongings safe
  • special support for tracking during the movement
  • experienced loaders who know how to properly pack office equipment, personal belongings, furniture, antiques

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