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Over the years Trek Movers has become a market leader by offering the perfect combination of quality and cost of services. High professionalism of the staff, exact observance of the undertaken obligations, careful attitude to confidential things are reflected in numerous positive reviews from grateful customers. Movers in Cupertino will relieve from unnecessary trouble associated with moving. They carefully pack and carry all things, deliver the equipment intact, arrange furniture in a new place.

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We are a full-service family-owned moving company. We are not a broker. At Trek, we never share your personal information.

Local movers in Cupertino are the best choice when moving

Choosing who will entrust the transportation of their belongings, the customer will necessarily conduct market monitoring. Our suggestions will certainly be the best of all possible. We treat movers as close friends, always take into account all their wishes, offer the best prices. To make sure of our integrity it is enough to get acquainted with the numerous reviews of grateful customers on our website. Among the main issues of cooperation with our moving company it is especially necessary to note several points.

Having booked a convenient time, the customer completely gets rid of all the hassle associated with getting to a new place. If for some reason you cannot start the move at the appointed time, inform dispatcher. This will not affect the price and will not be causally fined. We will come in a newer time.

  • Moving company in Cupertino, CA works individually with every shipper. We will transport cargo from street to street, from city to city or from state to state. A trailer with things is always under the control of our dispatcher and customer thanks to a special mobile application.
  • We always take into account all the wishes of the customer. We offer him the most convenient route, carefully pack the furniture, plant, works of art, dishes. Before sending we check the operability of the equipment and after unloading we turn on household appliances for testing.
  • The difficulties that arise in the way are decided independently. With a trailer broken loading things, searching for a new one at the expense of the company. Overtime, civil liability insurance is provided.
  • The transportation of things is always controlled by the customer. He knows exactly where the trailer is in a given period of time. The bill of lading value remains unchanged until the work is completed.

Why Trek Movers is so popular

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High professionalism of the person, exact observance of each clause of the bill of lading, low cost, no hidden or additional payments. The distance and the specifics of the cargo do not matter. We always strictly comply with any requests from the customer. The manager will offer several options for moving, you will only have to stay at the most convenient and profitable place. We make the move as comfortable as possible removing the burden of worries from people.

How to book transportation at a convenient time for you

You do not need to go to the office if you need to transport personal items, a consignment of goods or office equipment. Movers in Cupertino, CA are always ready to get to work. Send us an SMS or e-mail message so that the dispatcher selects the most convenient option for you to move. It is required to correctly indicate the address of loading and unloading, last name and first name, two phones for emergency communications. A machine with two darts will be at the indicated place on time.

We will check the operability of refrigerators, televisions, computers and other household appliances before packaging and make sure that they are in perfect condition after delivery. The company provides free any number of stretch films for packaging, boxes for placing equipment, a special wardrobe. Furniture will be wrapped in film and fastened securely to the sides of the trailer. Having completed loading, the customer receives an SMS or e-mail message and can transfer fifty percent of the payment. Using the cash, he gets a ten percent discount. In 30-40 minutes before arrival at the destination an SMS notification will be sent to the customer so that he meets the car. Movers will bring things to the desired floors and put everything in its place.

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